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My Lyme Rally Experience

May is Lyme disease awareness month, a fact I have been blissfully unaware of until this year. In the months since my diagnosis though I have learned a lot and been quite horrified by the stories I've heard that make my own journey look like child's play. Patients who have been told their seizures were… Continue reading My Lyme Rally Experience

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New Chapter in Lyme Treatment

"What is happening?" "I'm being a superhero." "Ok..." "There is a scientific study that shows that if you stand like this, in superhero pose, for just five minutes before a job interview or a big presentation or a really hard task you will not only feel more confident, you will perform measurably better." "Seriously?" "Seriously."… Continue reading New Chapter in Lyme Treatment

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Why Lyme Is Hard To Treat: Part One

Before being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease I'll admit that I didn't know much, if anything, about it. What little I did know was that it was a tick borne illness, often presents with joint pain, and a classic sign was a bull eye rash. I had no idea that those symptoms aren't always present,… Continue reading Why Lyme Is Hard To Treat: Part One